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Our Story
CEGI is a minority and woman-owned family business.
In 2007, CEGI began as a husband and wife team shipping tile products out of a home garage. Our hard work turned into success and we moved into our current warehouse and office spaces in 2012. 
Since then, CEGI has continued to grow and has branched out into other business areas. Using lessons learned from the tile industry, we have delved into sales, distribution, foreign imports and exports, construction management, and third party logistics (3PL). 
In 2020, the ownership and main leadership of CEGI retired.  CEGI remains a family-run business, with the four children of the original owners stepping forward to continue the legacy.

CEGI will always focus on the very values that made us successful in the first place: Treating our employees and customers like family.  
Delivery Men
Construction Worker
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